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The Pirates are back!! We miss you!

We are plotting a course and unfurling the sails to come see you in the 2022 music season.

Book now or keep a lookout.

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Pirates Over 40 representation


I am delighted to partner repeatedly with Pirates Over 40 for our events and recommend them for future events. I am confident that they will make an excellent fit and provide quality entertainment for your signature occasions.

- Susan O'Donnell CPRP

Head of Visitor Services,  The Morton Arboretum

I can't say enough great things about Pirates Over 40! What a great group of professional musicians that know how to put on a show. If you're looking for a band who can play a wide variety of music, get your crowd pumped up and dancing all night, hire Pirates Over 40.

- Steve Husome, President

Cedar Basin Jazz Festival | Cedar Falls, IA

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